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Though wordpress has become one of the most popular content management systems in the world, blogging platform, there are many disadvantages of using wordpress for a website. For a person who does not have insider information in the internet sector, these disadvantages are not obvious easily, and they may start a blog network. However, after a period of time, the many disadvantages become obvious, and experienced webmasters will reduce the number of wordpress blogs to the minimum. It will also ensure that the webmaster will not be subjected to hostile takeover, managing, updating static websites can be difficult for large companies. Static websites now generate revenue similar or better than wordpress blogs with less effort, resource usage
Additionally lookism and ageism is extremely prevalent in the indian internet sector, and the webmaster will be expected to give credit to a young lazy greedy good looking woman like goan cheater diploma holder siddhi, bsc sunaina, else the health, mental age of the investor will be questioned. If a domain investor has already invested money online due to discrimination,denial of information, and now tries to get the best returns on his or her investment, especially when their retirement savings are stolen, these powerful anonymous officials will also question the health and mental age of the investor, when it is just a business deal. the domain investor will be under surveillance for more than 4 years so that powerful perverted officials can sexually harass her
Hacking of blogs

Upgrades to software

Control of website

In terms of resale value, a wordpress blog can be easily sold, while a static website will be difficult to maintain and update, have less resale value. Powerful officials in the indian internet sector have classified all the static websites of this webmaster as spam, due to the low resale value of these websites, indicate how poorly informed and greedy these extremely powerful officials are, as they are used to forcing webmasters to sell their websites at a low price.

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