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Microworkers review

Like Linkworkers, Microworkers also has some link advertising and blog post orders for webmasters. The value of these orders is also higher. Compared to some other websites, they are fairly prompt in processing the payments to Members whose balance exceeds the specified minimum of $9.
At present Microworkers require sms phone verification for doing many of the jobs and their sms verification code is not delivered to BSNL mobile numbers in India. If more than 3 verification smses are requested, then Microworkers will charge the user for sending the sms. Hence indian users with a BSNL mobile number are not able to work on many blog posting opportunities only the hire group opportunities are available at present. A support ticket was raised with Microworkers and they admitted that their problem existed and the smses were not delivered to certain phone numbers.
On Microworker there are a lot of assignments for blogpost, blog comments, forum comments for individuals with a phone verified account. Many of these assignment will pay $0.4- $1.5 per post, and in some cases, only copy paste work has to be done. Looking for individuals with a phone verified account, who are interested in posting on PR0-PR3 blogs for a nominal fee. User account will be created on the blog of PR as requested and the post can be made by the microworker account holder whenever they feel like
Payment by Paypal, skrill, webmoney accepted

Any person or microworker user who would like access to a large number of PR and DA blogs and websites and has the phone number verified for their microworker account, can make blog posts on the blog at a discounted rate .
per post fee for blog, DA 20+ as follows
PR0 - $0.1
PR1 - $0.15
PR2 - $0.25
PR3 - $0.4
50 or 100 word can also be provided at a similar fee
If required content for the blogpost can be provided also for $0.15. Please send your requirement to info@webconcepts.in and info@textads.in, will revert with details. Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney payment accepted.


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