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Linkworkers review .

Linkworkers is relative new website exclusively for selling links and guest posts on blogs. It is increasingly difficult to sell links directly on blogs and websites, especially in India, due to diversion and deletion of emails for certain webmasters, due to the lack of transparency in the system.

By using an online only system, the chances of miscommunication due to email interception are greatly reduced as the webmaster can complete the order directly, without relying on email. The rates for most websites are very low, and a combination of moz rank, domain authority and page rank are used for rating the website listed.

Typically rates are $0.15 a month for a pr website, which is an option for a website where the webmaster is not able to sell a single link directly due to email interception. the rates for guest posts are also similar at $0.19 to $1.5 per guest post for blogs of average quality. Approval time is usually 7 days.

To attract visitors Linkworkers offer 4-7 backlinks free to all members who signup to the website.

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