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Are you a blogger listed in Indiblogger, Blogadda or Blogmint interested in earning some extra money?
Currently the opportunities for these blog directories and websites are extremely limited.
For indiblogger the vouchers you win will depend on how quickly you submit your post at a specified time.
For blogadda you may or may not win a voucher in most of the contests
For blogmint your application will often not be approved.
If you have your own blog, you can earn extra money every month with little additional effort, even if the Google Adsense account will not be approved .
Bloggers with their blog hosted on blogspot or wordpress.com with a subdomain can make more money, having their own blog after purchasing webhosting. A selfhosted blog will be also more professional. They can also purchase a domain name of their choice from any registrar. Compare domain name prices, reviews of domain name registrars,select domain name for blog
Bloggers can purchase the webhosting package for 1 year with free migration of their blogger or wordpress blog to the new blog.
Purchase 1 year webhosting + Free migration Migrate your blog to your own domain, webhosting, purchase webhosting
User name and password for their old blog will be needed for migrating to new account
The user name and password for new blog will be provided to the customer using email
All customers will also get free advice on how to increase the revenue from their blog . Payment proof for companies who pay bloggers and website owners available. If any clarification will be needed please contact. Bloggers who do not have funds to purchase the domain name and webhosting can check Free earning websites - earn money online without investment

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