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One of the greatest disadvantages of wordpress will be hacking of the blog. As the complexity of the website software increases, there are more backdoors which hackers can exploit, and this can be a major headache for a webmaster managing a large network of websites. For example, for static websites, they are never hacked even once in 10 years but wordpress blogs are often hacked almost on a weekly basis, taking up a lot of resources. Often the webhosting company will suspend the webhosting of the blog , especially in cases when the hacker has uploaded phishing or spamming script.

As the revenues for a wordpress blog and a static website do not differ significantly, a webmaster will prefer to have static websites, which do not require any maintenance, and cannot be easily traced by hackers. Once the website has been set up and content added, the webmaster will continue to earn money without much effort or maintenance for static websites, though these websites cannot be sold easily .

Another problem is that taking a backup of a wordpress blog is time consuming, especially in panaji, goa, where the internet connection is extremely unreliable for all ISPs. Often many wordpress blog posts are lost, when the blog is hacked wasting the time and money of the blog owner. So if selling advertising is difficult, it is better to make a static website, which does not require maintenance.

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