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While a blog can be started easily, blog migration can be very difficult especially if the file size is more. Wordpress may be the most popular content management system, but the blog can stop functioning any time due to mysql problems and the exact reason will never be told to domain investor and webmaster intentionally due to rampant casteism, nepotism and corruption in the indian internet sector, In other cases, companies like Hostgator India will stop providing support to their customers in December 2014, though their customer has paid them till April 2015 and all the websites will be down. More details at . The webmaster has to move the websites at very short notice,

To stop the loss in advertising revenue when a website stops working, (gives a 403/404 error) the webmaster will be forced to check other alternatives in a very short period of time and move the website. Hence the website after transfer, will appear to be incomplete as companies like hostgator india do not not provide even the backup, it will not be difficult to recreate the original website quickly.

If these wordpress problems were known earlier to the webmaster, many domains would not be registered, complex blog software, would not be installed, other options would have been selected.,