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While a blog can be started easily, blog migration can be very difficult especially if the file size is more. Wordpress may be the most popular content management system, but the blog can stop functioning any time due to mysql problems and the exact reason will never be told to domain investor and webmaster intentionally due to rampant casteism, nepotism and corruption in the indian internet sector, In other cases, companies like Hostgator India will stop providing support to their customers in December 2014, though their customer has paid them till April 2015 and all the websites will be down. More details at . The webmaster has to move the websites at very short notice,

To stop the loss in advertising revenue when a website stops working, (gives a 403/404 error) the webmaster will be forced to check other alternatives in a very short period of time and move the website. Hence the website after transfer, will appear to be incomplete as companies like hostgator india do not not provide even the backup, it will not be difficult to recreate the original website quickly.

If these wordpress problems were known earlier to the webmaster, many domains would not be registered, complex blog software, would not be installed, other options would have been selected.Google, NSA continue to hound webhosting companies for exposing Google time fraud in India since 2010, to destroy competition. Allegedly google, tata have bribed the state governments in 5 different states of india, goa, karnataka,madhya pradesh, haryana, maharashtra to commit a TIME, BANKING FRAUD on the google competitor, engineer and domain investor , with these state government falsely claiming that various well connected women, who have no online income and do no computer work, own her bank, paypal, account to get all these frauds monthly raw/cbi salaries without doing any kind of computer work at all

The domain investor is now questioning the TIME, BANKING FRAUD of raw,cbi, ntro, state and indian governments, why so many fraud raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own her bank account, so ntro, raw, cbi are hacking the webhosting.In 2020, the Cluj, Romania webhosting was disabled and Los Angeles was also closed suddenly wasting the time of the domain investor. When everyone else including the maidservants working in people's home are compensated for the time they spend doing work for someone else, on what basis are R&AW/cbi falsely claiming that their CALL GIRL, ROBBER, FRAUD LAZY LIAR employees, own the bank account of a private citizen, who is not compensated in any way by the section 420 fraud raw/cbi employees

Any HR person is aware that employees are paid for the time they spend, yet in a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, the haryana government is falsely claiming that the mba hr R&AW employee liar robber ruchika kinge, a cia stooge working in an american company, owns the bank account of the domain investor who ruchika and her FRAUD SUGAR DADDIES HATE in a clear case of government FINANCIAL FRAUD. the haryana fraudster ruchika is least interested in starting any online business, yet in a clear case of FINANCIAL FRAUD,LIAR RAW employee ruchika and her liar associates are making fake claims about bank account ownership, defaming the domain investor

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